Your Best Choice for a Commercial Window Cleaning Company in Chattanooga

If you own or manage a commercial building, you know how important clean windows are. And you expect a window cleaning company that you employ to do a good job. But that’s not all you should expect. A window cleaning company that caters to commercial clients should adhere to strict standards to protect its clients. 

Three Protections a Window Cleaning Company Should Have

Consider these three protections that your preferred service needs.

1. Certifications for Specific Window Cleaning Techniques

commercial window cleaning Chattanooga window washing high rise

Commercial window cleaning services use equipment like scaffolds and ropes to clean high rises. The company should be well versed in the proper and safe use of the equipment these techniques require. And these companies should obtain certifications in these techniques from recognized certifiers. 

As an example, True Shine high-rise window cleaners are experts with knots, ropes, safety harnesses, and rappelling. They have certifications from IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) and SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). If you need high-rise window cleaning or other Chattanooga commercial window cleaning services, True Shine should be your first choice. Give us a call for a quote.

2. Liability Insurance

Because of the possible risks involved, a window cleaning service should have good liability coverage and workers compensation. This is a protection for the company as well as the customer. True Shine has workers compensation insurance as well as a one million in liability policy. 

3. Stringent Hiring Policies

Some companies use employee background checks to identify red flags and help them verify information about an applicant. True Shine uses a hiring method that serves us well. Our crews are hard-working college students and post-grads who work with us before moving on to professional careers. It’s clear to us that there is a strong connection between our crews and customer loyalty. 

We’re proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. But we know that the integrity of our workers is what has made our business grow.