Fall Cleanup Services in Chattanooga

In Tennessee, the cold weather is usually intermittent until it becomes constant in January. Once it gets cold, you are less likely to clean your windows, wash down your house, power spray the sidewalks, etc. So, the time for fall cleanup services in Chattanooga is now.  Also, you’ll probably be having company for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you’ll want your house to look its best.

Pressure Washing Your House

Fall Cleanup Services in Chattanooga from True Shine

For homeowners with vinyl, metal, or composite siding, we recommend once a year for washing. Spring or fall is the best time to power wash a house to avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures. So, if you missed washing the house in the spring, make this part of your fall cleaning. 

If you have wood siding, we recommend a very gentle power wash yearly to clean away pollen and cobwebs. But if you have dirt or mildew buildup, the house will need a full power wash. 

Cleaning Windows and Gutters

When it comes to cleaning windows, hiring a professional is a no-brainer for these reasons: 

  • Professional window cleaning and gutter cleaning can extend the life of your windows and gutters.  Your windows and gutters will stay in great shape for a longer time if they are properly maintained. 
  • Professional cleaning enhances efficiency. A dirty windows limits the amount of sun that is able to penetrate and warm your home. The weight of a clogged gutter can cause a gutter to detach. And if a gutter is clogged, it will spill the water out around your home’s foundation instead of carrying the water away as it is supposed to.
  • Hiring professional window and gutter cleaners saves you time as well as aches and pains.

As a bonus for our clients, True Shine will also change your exterior floodlights and motion lights while we have the ladders out!

Residential and Commercial Cleanup Services in Chattanooga from True Shine

We’ve been talking about residential fall cleanup, but fall cleanup is just as important for commercial buildings. True Shine does commercial pressure washing and commercial window cleaning. Give us a call today for a quote.