Hard Water Stain Removal for Glass Showers

So, you have a new spa retreat bathroom with a big, beautiful glassed in-shower. Sit back and enjoy it for now because in a few weeks, you may have hard water stains on the glass that will dull your enthusiasm.

Take Our Advice

Hard water spots are just one of the immutable facts of life. But, don’t worry. We’ve been cleaning residential windows and commercial windows since 1999, and we are happy to share some advice with you. But if you need help instead of advice, you can click this link: residential window cleaning services in Chattanooga.

So, here’s our advice.

First, we recommend keeping a window-washing squeegee in the shower to use on all the glass after a shower. You don’t have to squeegee the glass every time. Just do it as often as you can. This will go a long way towards preventing hard water build up. When the water droplets evaporate as they hang on the glass they leave behind minerals. These minerals are what cause the spots or stains to develop.

Second, if you start to see some spots, go ahead and try to clean the glass with white vinegar or a product like “CLR.

When You’ve Let It Go Too Long

If you practice these two simple procedures faithfully, you may avoid getting hard water stains for a while. However, if you need help with really stubborn hard water stains, give us a call. We clean hard water stains on interior glass as well as exterior windows. (Many times, hard water stains on exterior windows are caused by sprinkler heads that are out of adjustment. So be sure the sprinkler heads are not spraying your windows.)