Pressure Washing Ooltewah TN Expects

If you are searching for “pressure washing Ooltewah TN,” you have come to the right place. True Shine provide the quality of commercial and residential pressure washing that Ooltewah residents expect. In business since 1999, True Shine is the recognized expert in pressure washing in the Chattanooga area.

Are You Looking at Big Bills for Replacement or Repainting Costs?

Is your house or commercial building looking like it needs to be repainted? Is your wooden or synthetic deck looking so old you want to replace it? Take a second look. Maybe you don’t really need to replace or repaint. Maybe what you need is a good pressure washing instead.

True Shine Can Save You Money with Pressure Washing

pressure cleaning Ooltewah TN

Washing can improve the appearance of your home or commercial building, decks, fences, masonry, roofs, and more. You might be surprised by the difference it can make and the money you will save.

True Shine cleans with the most modern and proven methods.Sometimes pressure washing can damage surfaces. But don’t worry. That’s when we use our “soft wash” method. We spray on a foamy solution that kills mold and mildew and removes pollen and dirt. We follow this with a soft rinse, which leaves every inch of the surface sparkling clean. 

Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Protect Your Investment

Mold and mildew can actually compromise the structure or lifespan of some surfaces if left untreated. For example, mold can damage the wood in fences, floor joist, and decks. Mold and mildew on a roof eats away at shingles, and this reduces the lifespan of the roof. So don’t wait till it’s too late and you really do have to repaint or replace.

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