5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner in Chattanooga

When you look out your windows at home, is your view a little foggy due to dirty windows? If it’s not crystal clear, you’ll appreciate these five reasons why you should hire a professional window cleaner in Chattanooga like TrueShine.

1. DIY Window Cleaning is Labor Intensive and Time Consuming

When you hire a professional window cleaning service, you’ll get a fast and proficient job. The DIY method usually involves cleaning the same window multiple times to get it clean and streak-free. Additionally, climbing up and down a ladder and moving it from window to window is tiring and takes a lot of time.

3. Window Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

Professional Window Cleaner in Chattanooga

No matter how low your windows are, it’s likely you will need a ladder to reach the top of the window. Climbing a ladder, especially with equipment, can be dangerous. And the higher your windows, the more dangerous it gets. Professionals have special training for this, and they do it every day.

4. Window Cleaning Requires Specialized Equipment and Supplies

The window cleaning solution DIY-ers go to most frequently is Windex®. But that won’t provide long-lasting results. A professional window cleaner uses professional-grade cleaning solution. Additionally, a professional has high-quality squeegees, cloths, and long poles to spray your high windows. 

5. Cleaning Specialty Glass and Unique Windows Requires Special Treatment 

Professional window cleaners know how to treat each type of glass properly – stained glass or glass that is tinted or colored. If you want your specialty glass to last for as long as possible, call the professionals.

Call the Top Professional Window Cleaner in Chattanooga – TrueShine

TrueShine’s residential window cleaning service is comprehensive. It includes both the inside and outside surfaces of your windows. In addition, all frames, sills, and screens (if present) receive a general wipe-down. If you own a business we can help you with that too, as we also specialize in commercial window cleaning.